Amie & Paul’s wedding in November

Bride and groom on the railroad tracks
It was a fantastic pleasure working with you. Your idea for the location of our pictures was truly brilliant. We are absolutely thrilled with the photographs. We are so happy that you took the time to photograph as many of our guests as you could, they were such an important part of our day. We can’t thank you enough for capturing so many moments that will allow us to remember our wedding day for all the years to come.

Paul & Amie

Planning and organizing a November wedding in Calgary is risky business. You never know what mother nature throws at you. Fortunately for Amie and Paul, the weather on their wedding day turned out great. We planned for adverse conditions but were lucky to be able to go outside to take some great wedding photos. I scouted the surrounding area for suitable wedding photo backgrounds and suggested the Ogden rail yard to Amie and Paul. As we got there, the sun was setting and I was able to take my favourite shot of the day.

Sunset kiss bride and groom

As the temperature was going down fast, Amie was braving the cold to enable me to take some more photos.
Bride with groom in background

The orange of the rail car worked perfectly with the golden sunset and provided a great backdrop for unique wedding photos.
Bride and groom in front of rail car

Most grooms seem to want to carry their bride. And that was no difference in Paul’s case. He carried Amie and allowed me to take a classic black and white photo. I like this photo because of the great lines provided by the railroad tracks.
Black and white wedding photo on the tracks

Finally it was time to go inside and warm up near a fire place. This November wedding was a success.
Bride and groom warming up near fire place

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