Calgary Wedding Photography photo of bride and groom in Calgary

Anthonia and Leonard’s wedding in Calgary

A March wedding in Calgary can give you nice weather as well as a terrible snow storm. With Anthonia and Leonard, I planned most of the wedding photography indoors. Fortunately we had a couple of nice moments to shoot some pictures outside. What I enjoyed most of this wedding was the nice cultural experience with many Nigerian aspects that I had not witnessed before at a wedding.
Bride and groom in March Calgary wedding
Especially indoors, I try to make effective use of daylight. As shown in above and below photos, this results in photos with very natural lighting.

Wedding photo of bride drinking juice Happy bride photograph
A great looking and very happy bride certainly deserves nice photos.

Traditional Nigerian wedding attire
Colourful traditional attire worn by the bride and groom as well as the guests made this wedding even more picturesque.

Thank you for this great experience!

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